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Abbot Kinney Street Fair

29 Sep

Over the weekend, I attended the Abbot Kinney Street Fair in Venice, CA!  The fair celebrates the unique neighborhood of Venice by showcasing local artists, galleries, shops and restaurants.  There are all sorts of fun activities for kids and adults alike.  I volunteered at the festival and worked in the mural tent.  An artist named Ricardo Aguilar designed a giant, black and white, abstract mural and hung it on a wall outside for the kids to paint.


Painting in progress!


There was also a coloring tent for kids to color individual pictures from the mural.


The painting hanging inside the coloring tent is the mural from the street fair last year! The artist is a really interesting man who wants to start an “art revolution.”  He strongly believes in the healing, connecting and peacemaking powers of art and thinks that children are the vehicle through which the world can achieve these things.  To this end, he asked all the kids to leave their drawings to be hung up and eventually made part of a more permanent installation.


Ricardo's picture for the kids to color

His self portrait is in the bottom right corner and he actually dresses like that except instead of bullets in his belt he has crayons!  Here are some of the drawings hung up for all to enjoy:


It was really great to see kids and adults alike dive in and get their hands dirty with the mural.  Collaborative work is some of the most rewarding art because is fosters a low-pressure, inviting and welcoming environment where people of all levels of artistic ability can meet on equal footing.


Getting her hands dirty!

And the almost finished product:


Featuring Ricardo himself!

I couldn’t stay to see the completely finished product, but this is pretty close and it is just beautiful.  Thanks to all the kids and adults who helped make it happen and as Ricardo would say, come join the color revolution!



Duct, duct, TAG!

28 Aug

So a few friends and I have decided to form a rogue duct tagging league!  Street art and temporary art are becoming more and more popular in Los Angeles and other cities so we thought we’d try our hands at it.  The concept is to use duct tape to go around tagging things in the night in order to turn every day objects such as concrete walls and telephone polls into fleeting art for all to enjoy.

There is a performance aspect to this as well.  We wore all black and ski masks and had someone film our tagging endeavors – videos to come.  The first thing we did was tag each other with different colored tape in order to tell each other apart in our stealthy get-tups.

Our duct tagging outfits!

Then we started with a background of just black and white tape.

The black and white beginning

Then, we layered in color:

Brightening up the night

We did this on a pretty quiet street but there were definitely a few people walking by checking out our operation.  It was really interesting to see people’s reactions which were mostly curious and amused.  I was surprised that no one seemed concerned about whether we were allowed to be doing what we were doing.

Twenty rolls of duct tape later, the finished product looked pretty cool!

The finished product!

I wrote "peace" in Chinese

A detail shot

The duct tape added a really cool texture to the wall and ended up being a pretty versatile medium, taking on a different look depending on the strip thickness, how it is layered and color juxtaposition.  Collaborative art is always fun and we have some great ideas for out next duct tagging league project.