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Mission San Juan Capistrano Photo Shoot

4 Oct

Today I would like to share with you some photos from a recent photo shoot at the Mission Church in San Juan Capistrano.  The mission was built by Spain in Orange County, CA in 1775 to help spread Christianity and establish the Spanish territory.  It is among the oldest historical buildings in southern California and the architecture is classic and beautiful – perfect place for a photo shoot!


Mission Location!

The shoot was partially a fashion shoot and partially a take pretty pictures shoot and the photos were shot on a Nikon digital SLR.  Here are some of the best ones!


The entrance into the mission.


It's almost like Europe - except with palm trees!


Divine rays of light!


Beautiful landscaping!


It looks so old...and it is! 🙂

And some of the fashion shots – my outfit really pops against this old world backdrop.


A very old runway!


Classic doorway pose


The close-up is my favorite.

I definitely recommend a trip to this mission for photos, enjoyment and a great history lesson.  For more info, check out their website: Happy Monday!




Death Valley Photoshoot

31 Aug

I recently took a trip to Death Valley to make a short film and do some general adventuring and I thought it would be a great place to have an impromptu photo shoot.  It was also supposed to be 117 degrees in Death Valley that weekend so I thought I’d take that opportunity to fulfill an item on my bucket list and fry an egg on a rock in the desert.  Despite the desert being so aptly named, I was definitely not prepared for such stifling heat.  Hair and make-up were not an option so I opted for the tattered gown and distressed girl combination.  Luckily the photos turned out better than the egg…

I'm almost camoflaged with the sky!

It was *really* hot in that dress, I downed so many gallons of water I almost had trouble zipping it!  Of course, this was a very low budget shoot so I didn’t get my own changing room…

No star trailer here!

I was shooting with two of my friends, Pat and Louis, who have their own production company.  Stay tuned for the link to the super strange video we shot…

Louis was more prepared for the desert than I was

Pat was the photographer for my shoot

These photos were taken on the salt flats.  It was crazy that they were called “flats” because as you can see, they are super jagged and crazy!  They were also so sharp that I cut my foot and bled all over the salt…Death Valley Horror movie here we come.

So sharp I even tore my dress!

Damsel in Desert Distress

If you thought a poofy creampuff of a prom dress was a bad choice for the desert, take a look at my second outfit! Silk Chinese dresses and stiflingly hot deserts do not mix well…but they make for sweet photos!

This was the most I could bend over!

So. Thirsty. Can't. Reach.

To check out the rest of the photos from the shoot go to my Picasa Album.  Enjoy!