Fense Sense

13 Oct

Welcome to landscaping craft day!  I wanted to spruce up my courtyard a bit and give myself some privacy from the neighbors.  Right now, the only thing between myself and them is a gnarly bush and some white lattice fencing – not very effective or pleasing to the eye!


The first thing to do was rip down that scraggly bush and start with a clean slate!


It’s lookin’ better already 😀  I didn’t have the manpower to put up a whole new fence, so I decided to just accessorize the lattice with some basic 2’x3′ wooden boards bought at the local hardware store.


I put darker boards on each end to give the wood some contrast.  Here is a close-up so you can see the difference in color.


Now, it’s time to decorate!  I wanted to make two horizontal stripes with tape so that once I painted over the stripes and peeled the tape away, there would be perfect, natural wood stripes running across my backyard.

This project called for one of my favorite all-purpose materials: duct tape!  It was a two-person job to run the duct tape across each board and measure every few feet to make sure it was still the same distance from the edge of the board.



I did one stripe about 4 inches down from the top edge of the top boards and one stripe 4 inches up from the bottom edge of the bottom board.  Already the stripes looked pretty cool!


Next it was time for painting!  I got out my roller and tray and rolled one solid coat of burgundy red over the whole thing.


Once the paint was thoroughly dried, I slowly peeled off the duct tape to reveal the beautiful wood underneath!


Peeling off the tape was definitely my favorite part, so satisfactory!  The final product really jazzed up the backyard and reminded me of a sweet, vintage surfboard; perfect since I live right by the beach 😀




This was a simple and quick afternoon project that left my yard looking very cool…and there is sill lot of blank space on that wood for some super sweet mural action…


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