Tutorial Tuesday: How to Make Bottlecap Jewelry!

11 Oct

A few months ago, I mounted a household campaign to save all of the bottlecaps we twist off of our beverages!  I didn’t know exactly what I would do with them at first, but I just couldn’t resist amassing a large collection of colorful tin.  Now that I have a sizeable sack of caps, I have been playing around with different usages.  Get ready for a slew of bottlecap related posts!  Today, I am going to show you how to make a bottlecap ring using almost all recycled materials!

For this project you will need the following materials:





-a bottlecap

-duct tape


-a magazine, photo or drawing to cut up

-key ring, wire or a ring you no longer wear

-glue (or crafting glaze)


Step 1: Trace the outline of a bottlecap onto a scrap piece of paper.


Step 2: Cut out your circle template.


Step 3: Find an image you would like to place inside your bottlecap ring.  I looked inside magazines for mine, but yours could come from anywhere.  You could even draw it yourself!  Trace your template around your desired image.


Step 4: Cut out the circle around your image.  I found a bunch of cool images but in the photo below I’m cutting out a cool old postage stamp.


Step 5: Dab some glue on the back of the circle and glue it face-up on the inside of the bottlecap.


Step 6: Dab and spread around some glaze on top of the image as well to make it nice and shiny 🙂


Step 7: Wait for the glue to dry and then use pliers to clamp down the serrated edges of the bottlecap.  For this one, I chose a bottlecap that would match the cool red robot image inside.


Step 8: Flip the bottle cap over and tape the ring down in the center with some duct tape.


Step 9: Slip the ring on your finger and admire your handy work!  I chose a lovely picture of Audrey Hepburn for my final ring.  This is a very versatile project because you can make as many rings as you want and have one to match every outfit! 😀





2 Responses to “Tutorial Tuesday: How to Make Bottlecap Jewelry!”

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