The Art of Recycling

10 Oct

Happy Columbus Day!  After a week long hiatus due to moving and some re-decorating, I am back in action!  Over the weekend, I helped my local elementary school spruce up their recycling cans!  This was a hands-on project for the kids in order to help them learn the importance of recycling and how it can benefit their school.

Remember, only decorate your trash cans if you take them to the dump and/or recycling center yourself.  They may look pretty, but the city won’t be able to collect your trash if it’s too beautifully disguised!

The first thing to do was hose down and wipe dry all the cans.  No surprise there!


Next, I used typical house paint to paint the cans a solid color to work with as a background.  I painted one light blue and one green.  You could use acrylic paint for this as well, but house paint is definitely more cost effective.


After the background colors were completely dry, I assigned one of the cans to the kids to go to town on.  It was like a painting frenzy, especially once I broke out the metallic silver and hot pink paint!  I think something about being outside in the sunshine and painting something that isn’t a piece of paper really got their creative juices flowing.

The kids recognized right away that this was a collaborative piece of art and did a beautiful job working together to create a cohesive and colorful piece.


Here is their finished product from all sides!

While supervising the kids, I worked on my own can to get across a slightly more concrete message about recycling.


I also painted the words ‘cans’ and ‘plastic’ on the top so everyone would know which is which!


And the finished product!

Luckily, we still have two more trash cans to paint another time so stay tuned for more trash can art!  It’s good to be back 🙂


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