Tutorial Tuesday: Paper Towel Flowers

27 Sep

Welcome back to the second ever edition of Tutorial Tuesday!  Today I will show you all how to turn one of the most common household objects into a wearable work of art: paper towel flowers!

With just a few simple steps you can turn an ordinary paper towel into a beautiful flower to wear as a bracelet, headband, brooch or any other accessory you can think of!

For this project, you will need the following materials:

-paper towel (s)

-pen and/or pencil


-glue (preferably super glue but any kind will work)

-needle and thread

-ribbon or headband (or string, in a pinch!)

-a plate or something else circular for tracing out a circle

-OPTIONAL: some coffee or tea in a bowl for coloring the flower

Step 1:  Lay a plate or other circular object on top of the paper towel and trace.


Step 2: Cut out the paper towel so that you have a lovely circle.  Then, cut the circle into a spiral shape starting from the outside and working your way in.  spiral

Step 3: Starting from the outside end, roll the arm of the spiral towards the center, gathering bit by bit into your thumb and forefinger.


Be sure to hold firmly onto the base of the flower as you wrap so that it doesn’t come undone!



Step 4: Wrap the entire arm of the spiral until you get to the little circle part at the end (the center of the spiral that you cut), leave the circle loose for now and get out your needle and thread.  Tie a knot at one end of the thread and push the needle through the top center of the flower and out through the bottom.



Step 5: Sew back and forth through the pinched center of the bottom of the flower a few times to secure all the wrapping.



After the stitching is complete

Step 6: Once the bottom is secured, dab some glue on the little circle that you left unwrapped and glue the circle over the bottom end of the flower to make it look nice and clean.


Step 7: Use your paper towel scraps to cut out another circle one inch in diameter.




Step 8: Take the headband or ribbon you want to use and place it upside-down on top of the underside of the flower.  Dab some glue on your newly cut circle and glue the circle on top of the headband.


glue dabbin'


Step 9:  Let the glue dry and then rock out in your fancy new headband!



If you want to color your headband, follow the steps below:

Step 1: Complete steps 1 through 6 above.


Step 2: Pour enough coffee or tea into a bowl to just cover the bottom.


Step 3: Hold the flower by the bottom and gently dip the tips of the petals into the coffee.  For full coverage, you can plunge the whole thing in, but I opted for more of a tie-dye effect.



Step 4:  Let the flower dry and then follow steps 7 through 9 above in order to attach it to a ribbon or headband.  I used a nice green ribbon to complement the antiqued look of the coffee-dyed flower.



There are many variations you can use to switch up the look of your flowers.  For example, you can cut a circle with wavy edges instead of straight ones:


The circle is folded into quarters so it is easier to cut out.

You can also dip-dye the circle before you wrap it into a flower.  Place the circle flat on top of the bowl and push the center into the coffee/tea with your fingers.  Let the paper towel sit for 10 minutes and it will slowly soak the coffee up into the edges.



The resulting flower looks like this:


You can also group flowers together for a real show-stopping headpiece or a lovely bouquet:


The great thing about paper towels is they are pretty resilient.  If you squish your flower, just use your fingers to smooth it back into shape.  This project would also work well with fabric for a more durable accessory.  This craft offers endless possibilities to experiment with color, size, shape and anything else you can think of.  Send me your variations and I’ll post them here! Happy crafting 😀


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