Back to School with Brandon Bird!

12 Sep

This weekend I helped my friend, Brandon Bird, assemble his newest product for back to school: lunchboxes! Brandon Bird is a totally awesome artist who makes pop culture paintings featuring everything from Nicolas Cage to Star Wars.  He offers his work on many platforms in addition to canvas including phone cases, stickers, valentines and most recently these old-school and totally hip lunch boxes.  The lunch boxes feature two original art pieces by Brandon.  Luckily I didn’t have to actually make all these plastic lunch boxes, or the stickers.  All I had to do was put them together!

Incidentally, stickering was a real two person job!  It took one person to hold the lunch box down nice and flat and the other to stick the sticker down nice and even and roll over it with a little foam roller to make sure there were no bubbles.

Rollin' away!

You can carry your lunch in either a Gran Torino box or an Eric Roberts one, and you have your choice between pink and black for both!


What a fun day of stickering!  Although I am still a bit woozy from being around the smell of a zillion plastic lunch boxes.  Check out to get your very own Made in the USA, hand-painted by Brandon, hand-assembled by me lunchboxes!


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