May the Felt Be With You

9 Sep

The stars must have aligned because it’s time for another Star Wars craft: Yoda dolls!  Today’s craft is great for kids and employs a simple methodology that can be used again and again to create all of your favorite characters! You will need the following supplies:

-two sheets each of 8″x 11″ felt in green, brown, tan and red (optional)


-needle and thread

-pillow stuffing (you can also use newspaper or cut up an old t-shirt)

-paper and pencil



-googly eyes

My trusty crafting assistant helped me choose the following felt color palette for our fury friends:

The first thing we did was draw an outline of Yoda and his clothing on paper.  You can print these drawings and use them as templates to make your own Yoda doll!

Yoda Body

Yoda robe, undershirt, nose and mouth

The next step is to cut out the templates and pin them to the felt.  Pin the body, mouth and nose to the green fabric, the robe to the dark brown fabric, and the triangular undershirt to the tan fabric. Be sure to double up on felt for the body and the robe – we don’t want Yoda’s backside to be naked!

All pinned down!

Cutting I am

Next, it is time to sew together the body.  You can use any stitch you like, but I recommend a whip stitch because it’s fast and it seals the edges of the felt to prevent the stuffing from getting loose!   Start at the left foot and sew all the way up and around the body; stop when you get the the right foot – is important to leave an opening to put the stuffing in.

Opening for stuffing

Insert little clumps of stuffing at a time and use a pen or a chopstick to get all the nooks and crannies – don’t forget his pointy ears!

Like stuffing a turkey!

Once he is all stuffed you can sew up the rest of the opening.  Now it’s time for Yoda dress-up!  Pin both sides of the robe together on Yoda’s body and sew it together.

Stitching up the robe

The whip stitch (or any stitch) is fine for this as well, however I chose to use a blanket stitch and some green, contrasting thread because I thought it looked pretty 🙂

Blanket stitch close-up

Once Yoda is decently dressed, glue (or sew) the tan triangle upside-down at his neck to make his undershirt.  Then glue on his mouth and finally, the googly eyes! The red felt is for adding the optional finishing touch that my little crafting helper came up with – a little tongue sticking out!

Very happy with the finished product, I was 😀

And of course, a final picture in front of the other Star Wars themed craft we made, the AT-AT garden!


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