Labor day labor of love!

6 Sep

In honor of the holiday weekend I attended a BBQ and decided to jazz it up a bit for the kids (and adults) with some lovely face-painting!  The idea started off as face-painting but with the help of the kids it evolved into full-scale body painting.  We thought of all sorts of unique ways to incorporate all parts of the body into our art!

All you need is some body crayons and your imagination.  You can also use face paint (available at any fine art or arts and crafts store) but I chose crayons because they are less messy and the kids can use them too.

Body Crayons

There are lots of books and websites to give you ideas for what to make – we used a book called “The Body Crayon Book” published by Klutz.

UPDATE: Check out these links for super elaborate and awesome hand painting sent to me by a viewer!

Awesome #1

Awesome #2

Here are some of the faces:

 We also did some knee painting which was cool because you can turn two knees into two characters that interact.

And the finished product:

Knee people!

There was some nifty hand/finger painting:

Goin' for a stroll

Roof, roof!

What a fun little holiday afternoon of arts and crafts for all – and of course everything washes right off with soap and water 😀

Girl Power!


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