AT-AT Garden

27 Aug

This week, I found a fabulous THEMED crafting book at the library!  A long time ago, in a craftaxy far, far away…

Star Wars Craft Book!!!

This book has some truly unique and very creative ideas for making all your favorite nerdy knickknacks.  I was immediately drawn to the AT-AT herb garden craft.  What a great idea to take a machine built for destruction and make it grow flowers instead!

This craft was not especially difficult, however it was quite time consuming.  I used the following supplies:

4 Pringles containers (with lids)

4 plastic instant soup containers (with lids)

1 plastic storage bin (no lid needed)

1 plastic berries container

1 crushed can

2 straws

1 roll of duct tape


Recycled art!

Step 1: Remove lids from Pringles containers.

Step 2: Wrap everything in duct tape!

Step 3:  Using a hammer and a nail, nail some holes into the bottom of the storage container where the flowers will be planted so that the water can drain through.

Step 4: Tape Pringles containers to upside-down soup containers to make the legs.

Step 5:  Tape Pringles lids to the middle of the Pringles containers to make the knees.

Step 6: Tape completed legs to the storage container to make the body.

Step 7:  Tape the crushed can to the body to make the neck.

Step 8:  Tape the berry container to the crushed can to make the head.

Step 9:  Tape the straws to the berry container to make the guns.

My neck was a little droopy, so I taped a wooden dowel along the underbelly, neck and head of the AT-AT to support the structure.

Step 10:  Fill the bed of the planter with dirt and plant the flowers of your choosing.

Completed AT-AT garden!

Some smurfs snuck into that photo too!  And we have successfully turned evil to the side of good, while recycling and being green at the same time.


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