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Death Valley Photoshoot

31 Aug

I recently took a trip to Death Valley to make a short film and do some general adventuring and I thought it would be a great place to have an impromptu photo shoot.  It was also supposed to be 117 degrees in Death Valley that weekend so I thought I’d take that opportunity to fulfill an item on my bucket list and fry an egg on a rock in the desert.  Despite the desert being so aptly named, I was definitely not prepared for such stifling heat.  Hair and make-up were not an option so I opted for the tattered gown and distressed girl combination.  Luckily the photos turned out better than the egg…

I'm almost camoflaged with the sky!

It was *really* hot in that dress, I downed so many gallons of water I almost had trouble zipping it!  Of course, this was a very low budget shoot so I didn’t get my own changing room…

No star trailer here!

I was shooting with two of my friends, Pat and Louis, who have their own production company.  Stay tuned for the link to the super strange video we shot…

Louis was more prepared for the desert than I was

Pat was the photographer for my shoot

These photos were taken on the salt flats.  It was crazy that they were called “flats” because as you can see, they are super jagged and crazy!  They were also so sharp that I cut my foot and bled all over the salt…Death Valley Horror movie here we come.

So sharp I even tore my dress!

Damsel in Desert Distress

If you thought a poofy creampuff of a prom dress was a bad choice for the desert, take a look at my second outfit! Silk Chinese dresses and stiflingly hot deserts do not mix well…but they make for sweet photos!

This was the most I could bend over!

So. Thirsty. Can't. Reach.

To check out the rest of the photos from the shoot go to my Picasa Album.  Enjoy!


Duct, duct, TAG!

28 Aug

So a few friends and I have decided to form a rogue duct tagging league!  Street art and temporary art are becoming more and more popular in Los Angeles and other cities so we thought we’d try our hands at it.  The concept is to use duct tape to go around tagging things in the night in order to turn every day objects such as concrete walls and telephone polls into fleeting art for all to enjoy.

There is a performance aspect to this as well.  We wore all black and ski masks and had someone film our tagging endeavors – videos to come.  The first thing we did was tag each other with different colored tape in order to tell each other apart in our stealthy get-tups.

Our duct tagging outfits!

Then we started with a background of just black and white tape.

The black and white beginning

Then, we layered in color:

Brightening up the night

We did this on a pretty quiet street but there were definitely a few people walking by checking out our operation.  It was really interesting to see people’s reactions which were mostly curious and amused.  I was surprised that no one seemed concerned about whether we were allowed to be doing what we were doing.

Twenty rolls of duct tape later, the finished product looked pretty cool!

The finished product!

I wrote "peace" in Chinese

A detail shot

The duct tape added a really cool texture to the wall and ended up being a pretty versatile medium, taking on a different look depending on the strip thickness, how it is layered and color juxtaposition.  Collaborative art is always fun and we have some great ideas for out next duct tagging league project.

AT-AT Garden

27 Aug

This week, I found a fabulous THEMED crafting book at the library!  A long time ago, in a craftaxy far, far away…

Star Wars Craft Book!!!

This book has some truly unique and very creative ideas for making all your favorite nerdy knickknacks.  I was immediately drawn to the AT-AT herb garden craft.  What a great idea to take a machine built for destruction and make it grow flowers instead!

This craft was not especially difficult, however it was quite time consuming.  I used the following supplies:

4 Pringles containers (with lids)

4 plastic instant soup containers (with lids)

1 plastic storage bin (no lid needed)

1 plastic berries container

1 crushed can

2 straws

1 roll of duct tape


Recycled art!

Step 1: Remove lids from Pringles containers.

Step 2: Wrap everything in duct tape!

Step 3:  Using a hammer and a nail, nail some holes into the bottom of the storage container where the flowers will be planted so that the water can drain through.

Step 4: Tape Pringles containers to upside-down soup containers to make the legs.

Step 5:  Tape Pringles lids to the middle of the Pringles containers to make the knees.

Step 6: Tape completed legs to the storage container to make the body.

Step 7:  Tape the crushed can to the body to make the neck.

Step 8:  Tape the berry container to the crushed can to make the head.

Step 9:  Tape the straws to the berry container to make the guns.

My neck was a little droopy, so I taped a wooden dowel along the underbelly, neck and head of the AT-AT to support the structure.

Step 10:  Fill the bed of the planter with dirt and plant the flowers of your choosing.

Completed AT-AT garden!

Some smurfs snuck into that photo too!  And we have successfully turned evil to the side of good, while recycling and being green at the same time.

From Farm to Chic

26 Aug

This weekend I checked out the fab dollar pile sale at my local thrift store, Jet Rag.  I scored some great pieces, but as you might expect for only a dollar, none of them are quite ready-to-wear.  One of my favorites was this little house on the prairie dress in the trending gingham cotton print.  The dress was far too big, but it certainly had potential!

I'm off to work on the farm, Auntie Em

It took just a few simple alterations to get this dress out of the hen house!  First, I tried the dress on and pinned up the sleeves and hem to the length I wanted them to be. Then, I trimmed off the excess fabric, stitched up the hems and paired with a vintage belt and voila, this dollar find is ready to hit the town!

From farm to chic!

This dress looks pretty similar to J. Crews’ version below, except theirs retails for $88!

J Crew's $88 version from

Waterlogged Sailor to Titillating Turquoise!

25 Aug

Today I took a tired, old and out of date sailor dress and turned it into the perfect trendy and turquoise summer outfit!

My friend got this dress a few years ago when the big, square sailor collar was in style.  It was cute until one day when some mysterious brown stains appeared!  I just loved the blue trim around the collar and couldn’t give this dress up so I decided to give it a second lease on life!

This dated frock makes me look like a little porcelain doll.

And a close-up of the stains

So the first thing to do was dye this dress to get rid of the nasty stains.  I bought a bottle of Rit dye in teal and prepped the washer by filling it with hot water and 2 cups of salt.

Rit dye in teal and a measuring cup for salt.

I wanted the most vibrant teal/turquoise color possible so I dumped the entire bottle into the wash.  I pre-wet the dress with warmed water and dropped it in once the dye bath was fully mixed.

In with the old, out with the new!

I was VERY happy with the end result.  The perfect, vibrant teal.  The only thing left to do was remove that navy blue bow in the front and accessorize with a belt and I was ready to hit the town!

le fin 🙂